At Kahwaty Media, we understand production.  And as more and more companies are creating more and more content, not every video has the budget of a broadcast television shoot.  You're using cellphones, inexpensive cameras, and  non-professional editing software to make videos with the personnel in the office, avoiding the cost associated with hiring professionals.  And while that doesn't make sense for every video, sometimes that's all you can afford.  We understand!


We also understand that you still want the best quality you can achieve with the resources that you have, and that's where Kahwaty Media Consultants can help.

Need help writing your script, or coming up with a shooting schedule? We can help! Need help understanding the best ways to shoot on a budget? Give us a call!  Whatever your needs, we'll give you guidance on how to use the resources and equipment at your disposal in the most effective and artistic ways possible.  And once you've edited your project, we'll look at your rough cuts and make suggestions that will give your final product a more professional look and feel, without the cost associated with a full-on professional production.  We can be as involved as you need, for a flat rate or an hourly fee, and the results will impact your final product every time it is seen!

So call or e-mail Kahwaty Media Consultants using the information below.  We're happy to help!