Who I’ve Worked With

Just for fun, here are some of the people that I have worked with.

Al with Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace and I worked together first at 60 Minutes Wednesday, and then he invited me to join his team at the Sunday edition. This is us at Daytona Motor Speedway working on our first story together, a profile of Dale Earnhardt Jr. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with Mike, we got along so well. I often think about how much both I and the world of journalism miss him.

Will Smith

I co-produced a 60 Minutes profile of Will Smith, and it was some of the most fun I've ever had on a story. As part of my research, I asked DJ Jazzy Jeff to give me a tour of some of their old hangouts in Philadelphia. That was a blast! Will was one of the most engaged subjects I've ever worked with. He did everything he could to make the piece the best it could be. We shot the interview with wildfires approaching his California home, but Will was unfazed. Luckily, so were the firefighters!

Al with Will Smith
Al with Bono


When we wrapped the interview with Bono at a restaurant in the south of France we let him know that we had a car waiting for him to take him wherever he'd like to go. He looked at us and said, "Aren't we going to have some drinks?" Um, yes Bono, yes we are! That was a good day at work...

Ed Bradley

I am as proud to have worked with Ed Bradley as I am to have worked with Mike Wallace. He could do it all as a journalist, and off-screen he lived an incredible life. Here he is with a giant in his own right, The Edge, who we interviewed backstage at a concert in San Sebastian, Spain.

Ed Bradley
Al with Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

This is a photo of us shooting with Bruce in Asbury Park. He was rehearsing for his Magic tour and I was lucky enough to sit in on some rehearsals. At one point I looked around and realized that I might have been the only person in the room not working for The Boss. Some weeks later, we shot Bruce in his dressing room writing out the setlist for the tour's opening night. Being a Jersey guy, that was quite an experience.

Kenny Chesney

We profiled Kenny Chesney for 60 Minutes and shot with him on the road and at his home in St John, which is where this picture was taken. He was very open with us and it made for a very fun, very informative piece on one of the hardest working people in show business.

Al with Kenny Chesney
Al with Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

To listen to Morgan Freeman talk to Mike Wallace is to hear two of the greatest voices of all time conversing. I imagine if God was going to have an inner dialogue, those would be the voices in his head.

Goldie Hawn

My father said he was never jealous of my meeting any of these people until I showed him this picture of me with Goldie Hawn. She was a delight!

Al with Goldie Hawn
Al with Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell

We interviewed Kurt for a piece on Goldie Hawn. We shot a bunch of interviews that day in their New York apartment, and he was very cool to talk to in-between interviews. If you're a fan of him on screen, you'd like him even more in person.

Simon Cowell

We found out that Simon Cowell liked to drive high-speed go-karts. So, for our 60 Minutes profile, I reached out to some friends at NASCAR, as well as Mario Andretti, and we put together a chance for Simon and Anderson Cooper to drive an Indy car. What Simon didn't know is that Mario Andretti, Kurt Busch, and Michael Waltrip were all on hand to "judge" his driving. It was all in good fun, and I very much enjoyed being around Simon in London, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, where this picture was taken.

Al with Simon Cowell
Al with Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis is a bit unrecognizable in this picture, but he is every bit the genius you might think he is. Probably the best actor of his generation, it was very cool to get to know him.

Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen was so smart and so funny, she was a joy to be around. Pictured here is my good friend, the late, brilliant, Alan Weisman (under the stopwatch), who had the inspired idea to ask Ms. Bergen to be the correspondent on a piece about an annual ventriloquist convention.

Al with Candace Bergen
Al with Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

What a talent! Listening to Alicia Keys in a Yamaha studio in New York City is to experience greatness first hand.

Stevie Wonder

I didn't get to know Stevie Wonder well, as we interviewed him for the Alicia Keys story. But, he was very gracious, both to her and us!

Al with Stevey Wonder
Al with Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was just about 30 years old when we did this piece on him for 60 Minutes Wednesday. He and Mike Wallace really hit it off, and I met some people who I am proud to say are still my friends today.

Odell Beckham Jr.

I've produced two interviews with Odell so far, and he was such a nice guy. I hope he achieves the Hall of Fame career that he certainly has the potential for.

Al with Odell Beckham Jr.
Al with Joey Logano

Joey Logano

I was in a Richard Petty Driving School car with Joey Logano driving as part of my research for this piece. He had us close enough to the wall that I felt like I could have touched it.  It was obvious then that he would be a NASCAR champion, and in 2018, he was!

Russell Crowe

While at 60 Minutes I worked on a profile of Russell Crowe. This picture was taken in New York City.

Al with Russell Crowe

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